Your visit

You will be greeted at the door by the therapist. At your first visit you will be asked a few questions regarding your health which will be recorded on a client sheet which no one else has access to. The process will be explained to you and which products we use. You will be asked if you have any questions at this time. You will then be left to undress (under clothing is optional) and position yourself on the table as instructed by the therapist. When the therapist enters the room she will check that you are comfortable before commencing your massage. Your back and legs are worked on first before turning you over to complete massage on your front. It is a full body massage but it is your hour so the massage can be tailored to suit. Also, if you have a problem area that you would like extra attention given to, let the therapist know at beginning of the massage. As I have already mentioned it is your hour so if you want to talk during the massage you are welcome to or if you want to just chill for the hour that is ok too. The room is quiet and peaceful with soft music playing. With the massage being performed in a dimly lit room the mood is very tranquil and sensuous. At the end of the massage the therapist will leave the room giving you private time to just relax before arising, dressing and being ready to face the world again.

A Massage for Today’s Modern Woman

Ladies, before subjecting yourself to the aromas of bleach, acrylic and other chemicals not to mention the noise and bright lights of a beauty shop, why not let me pamper you in a private setting that is quiet and peaceful. Everything will be for your comfort. In an atmosphere that is second to none, come and chill out for an hour or more and totally de-stress.