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If you want to feel good with no pain, escape for an hour with an amazing Swedish massage

A Unique Experience in Adelaide

Are you feeling stressed? Do you suffer from headaches, tiredness, general aches and pains? Then a Swedish massage maybe just what you need. Imagine being in a warm dimly lit room with soft music playing having all your tension, aches and pains rubbed away. To enhance your treatment a combination of body work therapy may be incorporated into the session, so you’ll leave feeling like you’re floating on air. So if you’d like to chill out for an hour, spend time in paradise and call Bespoilt Massage.

Why have a Massage

I used to think massage was a luxury, a way to occasionally treat and pamper yourself. How wrong was I! Besides the therapeutic values like lowering your blood pressure, removing built up toxins from your muscles and de-stressing your whole body, a massage is a great way to be nurtured. Many people are sadly lacking the human touch. So do something special for yourself:
Be pampered, be nurtured, be massaged
Reward yourself for your hard work
in a way that is just for you.

Making sense of massage

There are many types of massage. Ranging from a nice gentle relaxation massage to a harder deep tissue massage with many different types in between. Which one is right for you is a personal choice. What feels good to one person doesn’t feel good to another. Hard to one person is soft to another. So only you can decide which one is right for you. The following is a definition of the main types of massage available.
Swedish Massage – At one time massage was considered a luxury but with today’s fast pace and continual stress in all areas of our lives it has fast become a necessity for our continual health and well being. Many people relate a Swedish massage to a sexual massage but this is not the case. A Swedish massage is a therapeutic massage with health benefits. With the lights dimmed and the music soft some people will find it quite sensuous. Using oil to allow hands to glide smoothly over body, it is a firm but gentle full body massage. Although known as a relaxation massage it does have therapeutic benefits. These benefits are:
• It stimulates the blood flow which helps with your oxygen levels
• It relaxes your muscles which helps to reduce tension
• By reducing stress and tension it lowers your blood pressure
• Through nurturing touch it helps to increase sense of well being so reducing mental stress, anxiety and depression which can then help with your quality of sleep
• It aids the lymphatic system by removing toxins and waste from cells in the body
• Massage decreases lymphatic fluid while increasing endorphins which assist in the feeling of well being.
So if you’d like to feel calm and relaxed but rejuvenated a Swedish massage may be just what you need.
Deep Tissue Massage – A deep tissue massage (DTM) is both therapeutic and corrective. Using a deeper pressure it works on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and individual muscle fibres. It releases chronic (long term) muscle tension and helps to break up scar tissue and adhesions. Like the Swedish massage it also loosens muscle tissue, releases toxins from muscles and helps with your circulation. DTM is beneficial for:
• Physical problems
• Sports injuries
• Chronic pain
• Emotional issues that have been stored in the body.
DTM focuses on specific problem areas so you do not always receive a full body massage. Some people may find it quite painful and may even feel some soreness and bruising after the session but this should only last a day or two.
Sports Massage – Sports massage is specifically for sporting injuries or ailments. Being a vigorous massage it is not meant to be relaxing and may not cover the full body but concentrates on specific areas. Sports massage focuses on the individual needs of the athlete. With sport becoming more competitive, putting more strain and stress on the body and the training becoming more high tech, sports massage as part of the training regime is also increasing in popularity. If imbalances in the soft tissue are left untreated they may become chronic and develop into more serious conditions. This prevents the athlete from performing at their best and may even contribute to them getting injured. By having a regular massage it may help to prevent injuries caused by the physical stress to which athletes often subject their bodies. The massage can be carried out before, during or after exercise. You do not need to be a professional sports person to benefit from regular sports massage, it helps all people, from those who just do mild gentle exercise to the elite athlete and everyone in between. Benefits of Sports Massage are:

• Reducing fatigue
• Relieve swelling
• Reduce muscle tension
• Promote flexibility
• Relieve pain
• Prevent injuries
• Improve heart rate and blood pressure
• Increase circulation and lymph flow
• Treat injuries
• Restores balance to musculo-skeletal system
• Aids recovery
• Increases endurance and performance

So whether you are an aspiring home athlete or a dedicated elite athlete, to help your body recover from the physical stress and tension of exercise, a regular sports massage should be an integral part of your exercise routine.
Remedial Massage – Remedial comes from the word remedy which is to fix. So where a Swedish massage relaxes you, a remedial massage aims at treating a specific problem, plus it may also include passive stretches. Remedial massage is a holistic massage so it treats the whole body plus traces the problem back to the origin so it should heal both the cause and the symptoms of the disorder. Although it is holistic sometimes the therapist may just work on a specific problem area so you may not always receive a full body massage. A remedial massage can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow and uses both light and deep strokes. Using a variety of specialized techniques, remedial massage aids the body’s own repair mechanism. Benefits are:
• Removal of toxins.
• Increased blood circulation
• Tension release
• Calms the peripheral nervous system which decreases pain and discomfort
• Improves joint mobility
• Aids muscular and skeletal dysfunction
There are of course many other types of massage but these are probably four of the most common. I hope that my definitions of them will help you to decide which one is best for you. Which ever one you decide on, be sure to choose a therapist that you feel comfortable with, then all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

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